Clever Curl Light conditioner


METHOD 1 : Deep Conditioning
  1. Following cleansing with Clever Curl Cleanser keep hair completely saturated with warm water. 
  2. Apply to palms and distribute evenly in hands.
  3. Begin applying to ends of hair, working product up to mid lengths. Glaze any remaining product over hair.
  4. Once product is distributed evenly begin applying preferred personal techniques such as; wet brush, roping,
    squish to condish.
  5. Rinse out with lots of water, allowing some product to be left in depending on what your curls need.
    METHOD 2 : Leave-in
    1. After your conditioning routine, apply to palms and distribute evenly through hair using your preferred personal techniques such as; raking, praying hands.
    2. For more accentuated curls gently scrunch hair to encourage stronger curls.
    3. Leave in and let hair dry with your preferred technique such as; plopping, diffusing or air dry, OR for stronger curl definition and hold, apply gel before allowing the hair to dry.

Product Description

A lovely light conditioner designed to rehydrate the finest curl. Designed to be used as a traditional conditioner and can also be used as a Leave-in.

For best results, use this product after cleansing the hair and scalp with Clever Curl Cleanser. This product is also suitable for the co-wash technique if preferred.


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