What’s our mantra for 2016? “All you need is less.” Say farewell to excessive luxury—layers of bling, old Hollywood waves and giant look-at-me prints. We’re trading all this in for a look that’s non-glam, with neutral color palettes and clean lines. Minimalism is the new chic!

We’re constantly being bombarded by more information and new must-haves. Technology never stops updating itself, and the very moment you finally buy the newest of the new, it’s already out of date. People want less. Wealth and status are making room for function and simplicity in interiors, fashion and beauty, as well as technology and travel.

Minimalism 2016 means more than minimizing consumption and creating clean looks. It’s about quality that lasts and simple luxury. Being true to yourself and with a natural touch your values is more important than ever. Sustainable production and craftsmanship are key to this new minimalism, as are honest, environmentally safe materials and authenticity.

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